SAO Audit Survey
Government:  Town of Wilbur
Date: 8/11/2022
Audit Type: Accountability
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​Satisfaction Rating​
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​Were knowledgeable about the government type and audit areas
Responded promptly to our questions
Were respectful and professional in their interactions​
Were considerate of our time
​Provided consistent guidance
Gave adequate time to provide input on the audit results
Kept us informed of audit progress and potential issues
Considered our areas of concern during the course of the audit
Audit Recommendations
​Communicated during the audit were understandable
Were tailored to our particular circumstances and added value
Will result in changes to our process
Audit Report
Was easy to understand and objectively described the audit results
Provided value
Other Comments
What about the audit, or audit process did you appreciate?
Is there anything we could improve about the audit process?
What is the most important part of the audit process to you?

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