Report Fraud or A Loss
State agencies and local governments should use this form to report known or suspected losses of public funds or other illegal activity to the State Auditor's Office.  Exceptions from reporting are listed here.  Citizens who wish to report concerns should use our Citizen Hotline.  State employees who wish to report possible improper governmental activity should use our Whistleblower program.

State law (RCW 43.09.185) requires all state agencies and local governments to immediately notify the State Auditor's Office in the event of a known or suspected loss of public resources or other illegal activity.   This includes situations in which disciplinary action against an employee is being considered due to known or suspected losses of public funds, fraud, illegal acts, or noncompliance with policies or procedures related to preventing losses of public funds, misappropriation or other illegal acts.

Our Office will consult with you about when and if it is appropriate to file a police report with local or state law enforcement. However, governments should immediately notify the appropriate local or state law enforcement agency in the following circumstances:

  • Suspected losses involving the health or safety of employees or property.
  • Losses resulting from breaking and entering or other vandalism of property.
Please do not include information in your fraud submission that is specifically protected from release or disclosure by law. An auditor will contact you for this information as needed.
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